Genetic Algorithms with T-SQL

That T-SQL is capable for more then just Queries, that is a story a tiny robot can […]

Data Mining in the KDD Environment

Data Mining is only one step in discovering knowledge (KDD). This article gives a quick […]

Massive Prospects

Many Hollywood films already have their mass-scenes made with MASSIVE. Now the tool hits another market: simulation of the real […]

Overrepresentation - "SAS"-Oversampling

If your data does only have a small amount of target variables, you can use oversampling to improve your result. Check out how it works and how to undo […]

27th National Database Conference of China

Location: Beijing, P.R. China

Date: October 14-17, 2010

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Topics: (but not limited to)

Emerging Technology for Database
Data Management on Cloud
Mining Infrastructures
Web Data Management
Query Processing and Optimization
Stream Data Management
XML and Semi-Structured Data Mining
Data Warehouse and On-Line
Analytic Processing
Approximate and Uncertain Data Management
Content and Knowledge Management
Data Mining and Knowledge
Meta-data Management
Data Integration and Migration
Embedded Database Systems and Mobile Data Management
Parallel […]

Cloud Mining at Layered Technologies?

Layered Technologies introduces new safe Virtual Private Data Center supporting 3Tera’s AppLogic, VMware and Microsoft […]