The real data mining battle: Watson vs Google

Again, IBM showed us our limits. This time with the help of some fine data mining. But is Watson the only reasonable opponent of the human brain out there? How about Google? This article shows a spotlight of a battle between Watson and […]

Facebook App: Dating-Data-Mining with Wings

Software “Wings” from Start-Up Triangulate, gives dating recommendations with help of Data Mining Methods on facebook. This facebook application analysis data scource like or Twitter as […]

Cloud Mining - CRM Data Mining in the Cloud

Cloud Mining is an cost-reducing approach to let smaller companies benefit from Data Mining. Providing Data Mining in the Cloud via SaaS is the key of the innovation. […]

Genetic Algorithms with T-SQL

That T-SQL is capable for more then just Queries, that is a story a tiny robot can […]

Data Mining in the KDD Environment

Data Mining is only one step in discovering knowledge (KDD). This article gives a quick […]

Massive Prospects

Many Hollywood films already have their mass-scenes made with MASSIVE. Now the tool hits another market: simulation of the real […]

Cloud Mining at Layered Technologies?

Layered Technologies introduces new safe Virtual Private Data Center supporting 3Tera’s AppLogic, VMware and Microsoft […]