CeBIT 2010: Cloud Mining soon at SAS?

SAS Institute Logo at CeBIT 2010

SAS Institute Inc.

At the CeBIT 2010 I visited the booth of the SAS Institute. It again was a rich exchange of information, and finally I got my very own SAS mug! My question, if SAS is doing anything in the direction of Cloud Mining, was forwarded by my conversational partner to the press department. But then the partner made a quick comment, that made me listen attentivel: “… but yes, SAS has a Private Cloud on the roadmap”. For this reason they are building a huge data processing center, showed my inquiry. I guess they will enhance the SAS Enterprise Miner, to make it capable for Cloud Mining. When or how my conversational partner was unable or unwilling to say, I will wait for the answer of the press department. But I think it is quite interesting, that the world leader in Data Mining is not oversleeping the buzz around the Cloud.

SAS Institute booth at CeBIT 2010: Cloud Mining on the roadmap?

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