Data Applied's Cloud Mining with new functions


Data Applied, one of the worlds first Cloud Mining providers, adds new capabilities to its data mining and data visualization suite.  The new data transformation feature complements the company’s existing data visualization, data mining and reporting features.

Using a step-by-step wizard, users can define transformation steps allowing them to process rows of data and create new data sets. Metadata transformation steps include creating, renaming, converting, and deleting fields. Row transformation steps include filtering, sampling, ranking, and scrambling rows. Fields can also be set to calculated values by referencing other fields or by invoking built-in mathematical, statistical, or text functions.

In addition, the company announced other features including geo-mapping and view sharing. The new geo-mapping feature allows widgets such as pie charts or bar charts to be mapped to geographical locations, while the new view sharing feature allows users to securely share and embed visualizations in any web page. For more information, visit

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