Easy Data Mining by drag’n’drop: FastStats Modelling

Faststats in Easy Data Mining by drag’n’drop: FastStats Modelling

FastStats (c) Apteco

The company Apteco offers FastStats, a software tool for address selection for running campaigns. The .Net tool is equipped with multiple plugins to solve certain tasks.
It works fine with text files that get sorted and linked. A huge deal for the developers seems to be to provide users with an easy drag’n’drop environment. And this was quite well done. The selection and handling of data is simple and efficient. The most important part for us is the module “FastStats Modelling” – since this is where the Data Mining takes place.

Apteco implemented the patented “Predictive Weight of Evidence (PWE)” procedure and decision trees methods. In this module the drag’n’drop handling was a big issue as well – the application is handled easily and will be no problem for our collogues of the marketing department. In fact, if it is for instance needed to select a certain customer target group that should be detected by using a trained model, that task is fulfilled in a short time. The complete data can be shown in detail, or if preferred, it can be presented simplified.
The success of the model can be measured monetary. It is possible to integrate the expected conversion rate, the revenue per gained customer and the costs of the campaign into the analysis. That helps to judge the outcomes and to find out which model fits best.
This tool provides a good first step into Data Mining for marketing campaigns; hence it only has few methods to apply. The segmentation of customers and the optimizing of campaigns for special target groups, combined with the option to find product-affinities of customers makes “FastStats Modelling” a useful tool for the offered price. The usability of the drag’n’drop user interface is a outstanding way that will hopefully be adapted by other vendors.

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