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MASSIVE Battle in Massive Prospects

Screenshot MASSIVE Software

MASSIVE (short for Multiple Agent Simulation System in Virtual Environment) should be quite well known to all the cinema-enthusiastics and Lord of the Rings-Fans – at least the stunning result when it comes to huge crowded war mass scenes. But not necessarily to the Data Mining friend. New Zealands’ special effects company WETA developed this nice piece of software and left an impressing first fingerprint in the world of cinema.

The software is exciting, because every single simulated agent is driven by his own Fuzzy Logic individually, as if he would make real decisions. The agents decides out of a given set of information, if he runs away or fights. Running away can be an option even for a mighty uruk hai-orc, especially if everyone else does it …

How you can develop with MASSIVE is shown in this nice video:

MASSIVE Software and James Camerons’ Avatar

Even the great battles in the sensational blockbuster “Avatar” have been realised by WETA digital with the MASSIVE Software. But the agents evolved compared to the Lord of the Rings – they became smarter.

Here is a vid talking about animation and AVATAR in general (if I find something regarding MASSIVE, I will add it):

MASSIVE and Data Mining

Massiv2-300x204 in Massive Prospects

Real-World Simulation

MASSIVE gets interessting to the Data Miner when looking on the simulation of Real-World Situations Data Mining. MASSIVE has an “Artifical Life” interface, that lets the agents be provided with information from their “ears”, “eyes” and “touch”. If you would like to simulate the behaviour of masses of people in a new designed architecture, like for instance when a fire breaks out, you can follow the cascading distribution of the information when each agent gets it. And starts to run his way out, makes a distress call, tries to grab his stuff or whatever comes to his modelled mind. With the help of such simulations you can optimize the positions of emergency exits.

Some nice pics of the use of MASSIVE are found in their gallery.

The better the agents are modelled, the more realistic they can react. The MASSIVE software offers an open interface, that allows to plug in your own favourite model.  So instead of “quite simple” Fuzzy Logic you can deploy some AI from stronger basis, like Hidden Markov models for instance.

I am quite curious about the future of this tool! Especially beside the big cinema business with massive war scenes…

Hidden Markov Model

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