Text 2.0: the text that knows it is read

DFKI in Text 2.0: the text that knows it is read


The “Text 2.0” project offers a framework that makes it possible to track the movement of a reader’s eye and optimizes the presentation of the text that is read. It will be even possible to integrate this features in websites – an eye-tracking hardware is all that will be needed (may be normal in the future like the webcam already is).

Here three of the main features which are very impressive:

  • The reading behavior can be to get a quick overview of the text. That is detected by “Text 2.0”, and “filling words” of the text will be faded, which lefts only important keywords to the reader. He now can get his overview done much quicker; his work of finding the keywords is eased by the software.
  • If the reader sticks to some certain words, this is a hind that he doesn’t know what they mean. This is detected, and a tiny pop-up above the words shows the meaning – from Wikipedia or a dictionary. Or the word is automatically translated, if it is not written in the reader’s mother language. The pronunciation of the word can be spoken as well.
  • Pictures can be shown, when a certain and corresponding passage of the text is read. Usually it breaks the stream of reading if the reader looks at a picture that does not perfectly fit to what he was reading the second before (also including commercials). That can be perfectly overwhelmed with the tool.

This fascinating idea really reminds one of the interactive books in Neil Stephenson’s “Diamond Age”.

Check out the impressive video:

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